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Sports Rehabilitation

Get back in the game, at the top of your game!

Recovering from an injury when you are part of team or an individual competitor is not only physically tough, but mentally challenging as well. An injury can take away a part of your identity and not just time on the field, court, or arena. At Prostaff, we specialize in laying out the expectations for your injury and providing the best evidence based therapeutic interventions to get you back in the game. Schedule an appointment or email Dr. Rich Sommerkorn if you are currently sidelined with injury from an athletic event, and receive cutting edge care from a PT that has been in your position!

Email: Dr. Rich Sommerkorn

Pediatric Therapy

Samantha Sammaro DPT, provides services to the pediatric population ages 3-21. We work with the child, family, and caregiver(s) to provide evaluation, intervention and consultation in areas of gross motor development, muscle tone, strength, postural control, gait training, and neuromuscular function, among others. Our PT provides services to children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delay, and orthopedic injuries to restore optimal functioning in school, at home, and in the community.

Email: Samantha Sammaro


In order to maximize your recovery, Pro Staff offers complimentary transportation for patients. This service is intended for individuals who physically cannot drive due to their injuries, individuals who do not have their own vehicle or vehicle has been totaled due to auto accident, and individuals who cannot get transportation from family members.

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