Wellness Program

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What is ProStaff’s Wellness Program?

Pro Staff offers a comprehensive health program designed to maintain a high level of well being through proper diet, exercise, and injury prevention under the supervision of a Physical Therapist. The wellness examination will include:

  • Postural Analysis
  • Strength and range of motion assessment
  • Ergonomics
  • Home Exercise Program
  • Correct Body Mechanics
  • Body Fat Analysis

Athletic Training

Pro Staff’s co-founder Frank Pavlisko, PT, ATC oversees a team of Certified Athletic Trainers. Pro Staff has provided many youth organizations and high school teams with sideline coverage to sporting events. If you are in need of Athletic Trainers contact Michael Maffucci at 973-928-3590.

Golf Rehabilitation
Golf Ready- by John Lee, PT, DPT

Our objective is to provide participants insight into the role the body plays in developing and possibly limiting their golf game. Our goal is your goal, enjoy the game of golf for a long time with no pain! We provide this understanding through a process including a full body assessment (joint strength and flexibility) as well as a thorough and structured program to address any potential deficits identified in the assessment. Our goal is not to address your swing, but rather, enhance the function of your body to generate a better swing. Give Us a Call to Schedule an appointment with Dr. John Lee.

For more information about our Wellness Program & Athletic Training, or to schedule an appointment, please call 973.928.3590.

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