Are you considering selling your business due to lack of reimbursements, all the consolidations and mergers taking place, or other concerns about the outpatient therapy marketplace?

If you’re looking to exit your business, then Pro Staff is not your answer. However, if you want to actively practice Physical or Occupational Therapy while also experiencing the benefits of having a partner and mentor, than Pro Staff is your answer!

We understand how difficult it has become for the “little guy” to survive in the current healthcare marketplace, and we’d like to offer therapists an alternative. Pro Staff is looking to partner with practicing therapists who possess a strong work ethic and who share our dedication to expanding clinical knowledge and bringing the latest research-based techniques to our patients. Over the last 8 years, Pro Staff has established a successful and growing business despite the current challenges in outpatient therapy and we are looking to continue that growth!

What will Pro Staff do for you?

  • Contracts and Networks
    Enjoy the benefits of Pro Staff’s contracts and insurance networks.

  • Back Office Administrative Services
    Billing & Collections, Accounting, Payroll, HR, Benefits, EMR, IT Support and more.

  • Front Office Support
    Training, Policy and Procedures, Coverage and more.

  • Growth
    The ability to expand your existing business and still maintain autonomy.

  • Coverage
    You work hard and deserve to take a vacation without closing your business or cutting hours due to lack of coverage. Pro Staff is staffed to accommodate all our therapists’ needs and encourage staff to maintain a healthy live-work balance by taking the necessary time to relax, refresh and recharge.

  • Continuing Education
    Pro Staff provides convenient, in-house training services for our therapists on a bi-monthly basis and also covers up to $1500 a year for each therapist’s continued education.

  • Renovation
    Pro Staff is committed to maintaining an environment in line with our state-of-the-art facilities. We believe it is imperative that patients be greeted with a bright, vibrant facility to ensure they feel comfortable and at ease returning for frequent visits. After a full assessment of your facility, together we will determine what renovations are needed.

What Therapists are a good fit for Pro Staff?

  • You are looking to grow the current client base

  • You are looking to open a new office or location

  • You are committed to providing exceptional care and service to your clients

  • You want the added security, structure and perks of being part of a larger team.

Pro Staff has maintained a friendly, fun and family-centric environment since 2010, believing that employees and patients deserve to be treated as individuals, NOT numbers. If these are core values you share please give us a call at (973) 798-6755‬ or email: to discuss the possibilities.


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