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Have you been having pain in the back of your shoulder or been diagnosed with triceps tendonitis? Are you looking for high-quality physical therapy in Pompton Lakes, NJ? Look no further than the Pro Staff Physical Therapy team. We have a convenient location in nearby Oakland, NJ that treats all stages of triceps tendonitis.

Physical Therapy in Pompton Lakes, New JerseyThe physical therapists at Pro Staff are highly skilled in working with active individuals. No matter how your injury occurred, we can help fix it quickly and help prevent it from coming back again. We understand that each patient will have unique movement goals and want to ensure that your treatment addresses all your needs. No matter where you are in your recovery and what activity you want to return to, we have a team that can help.

What Causes Triceps Tendonitis?

Triceps tendonitis is caused by an injury to the triceps tendon at its attachment site at the shoulder or elbow. This injury may result from one specific incident or repetitive use over time. This injury is commonly seen in athletes requiring quick triceps activation, such as mountain bikers and throwing athletes. When the triceps tendon becomes inflamed, it can often be less mobile and decrease the strength or power needed for your sport. The triceps muscle is essential in many shoulder and elbow motions. Pain is usually felt in the back of the shoulder with extension movement due to the primary role of the triceps.

Common Symptoms of Triceps Tendonitis

  • Pain in the back of the shoulder or elbow.
  • Pain with an extension of the shoulder or elbow.
  • Clicking or popping of the shoulder.
  • Deep ache behind the shoulder or elbow joint.
  • Pain and stiffness at rest or when lying on the affected side.

Treatment for Triceps Tendonitis

Treatment for triceps tendonitis first involves decreasing the inflammation within the tendon. This can be done through manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to help improve the healthy blood flow to the injured tendon. Your physical therapist will work with you to provide a unique treatment plan to meet your goals and needs.

Once the triceps tendon starts to heal, it will be important to strengthen the shoulder and elbow muscles. This can help take the load off the tendon and provide greater stability to the joint. The physical therapists at Pro Staff are experts in treating this type of injury. So no matter the cause and stage of healing, we will help you get back to all the activities you love.

How long will it take for me to get better?

Every injury to a tendon is different when it comes to recovery. Factors such as injury type, stage of inflammation, and type of activity that you are involved in can all impact the recovery timeline. Tendons can be tricky sometimes as they heal, so listening to your physical therapist as you recover from this injury is essential.

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If you have been struggling with triceps tendonitis and live in the Pompton Lakes, NJ, area, check out our Oakland location today. We want to help you return to your favorite sport quickly and safely. Contact our office at 201-644-7456 to schedule an appointment today.



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