Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab in Clifton, NJ

Looking for high-quality sports physical therapy and rehab in Clifton, NJ? Look no further than the Pro Staff Physical Therapy team. We have a convenient location in town at our Clifton location.

Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab in Clifton, NJPro Staff Physical Therapy of Clifton is located on Allwood Road in Clifton, New Jersey. Right off the Garden State Parkway, our licensed, highly qualified physical therapists work tirelessly to meet patients’ needs.

We believe in treating all our patients with individualized care based on their unique sporting goals. We understand that your health is directly tied to what you love to do. With the help of our expert physical therapists, we will diagnose, treat, and teach you how to come back stronger than before.

What Can Sports Rehabilitation Offer?

Sports rehabilitation at all our facilities focuses on the individual and their specific injury. Our techniques help athletes recover from and prevent future injuries. Whether you are part of a team or an individual competitor, this process can be both physically and mentally challenging. Athletes often base a large part of their identities on their skill and competitiveness on the field, court, or arena.

Our physical therapists are all very active and understand the need to move. Pro Staff specializes in laying out the expectations for your injury and providing the best evidence-based therapeutic interventions to get you back in the game. Many of our physical therapists are current and former athletes themselves and know firsthand the sports rehabilitation challenges you are experiencing.

No matter what sport you want to return to, Pro Staff is here to help!

Common Injuries Treated by Sports Rehab

  • Ankle sprains, Achilles injuries, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures.
  • Knee-ligament tears/sprains, muscle strains, bony defects.
  • Hip-labral tears, joint malfunction/degeneration, muscle tears.
  • Shoulder-muscle tears, fractures, joint dysfunction, hypermobility.
  • Back-ligament strains, fractures, degeneration, and muscle strains.

Treatment For Sports Related Injuries

Sports Rehabilitation involves diagnosing the injury, treating the symptoms, and preventing future problems. Pro Staff specializes in various manual therapy techniques that can help heal faster through whatever injury you may be dealing with.

We also specialize in specific exercises to target any symptoms you may be having. Our goal is to work on all the limitations you may be having and create a plan specific to your movement goals.

As your condition improves, we will work with you on your specific sports goals to ensure you return to your sport safely. This timeline can vary between different injuries and sports.

We understand that every sport is different, but how we feel about our sport is not. We will get you back onto whatever field you miss out on quickly. Our goal is to fix what is broken and make that injured tissue stronger than before.

Get Started Today

If you want a high-quality sports rehab facility, check out our Clifton location today. Our team of expert physical therapists is committed to your health and wants you to feel better as soon as possible.

Contact our office at 973-784-8772 to schedule an appointment for any sport-related injury and rehabilitation.