Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab in Glen Ridge, NJ

Sports injuries are prevalent no matter what sport you are playing. If you have been injured and live in the Glen Ridge, NJ area, look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We have a sports rehab team in Montclair, NJ, for all your injuries.

Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab in Glen Ridge, NJ

Pro Staff Physical Therapy of Montclair, NJ, is located on the corner of Claremont Avenue and Pine Street in Montclair, New Jersey. Our team of licensed, highly qualified physical therapists and occupational therapists works tirelessly to meet our patients’ needs.

Sports physical therapy helps athletes recover from an injury. Whether you are part of a team or an individual competitor, this process can be both physically and mentally challenging. Pro Staff Physical Therapy is here to help!

Why is the ACL Important?

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) extends from the femur to the tibia. This ligament is very important in stopping excessive movement between these two bones. When this ligament tears, there is often a feeling of instability and pain because of the lack of stabilization. For athletes who compete in dynamic movements, it can be hard to return to sport with an ACL tear.

There are a few different approaches to treating an ACL tear. There are more conservative treatments that focus on healing your body itself or surgical interventions. Therefore, working with your surgeon and physical therapist is essential to ensure you get the proper treatment and care for your injury.

Common Symptoms of an ACL Tear

  • Pain along the front and back of the knee.
  • Decreased flexion and extension of the knee.
  • Difficulty walking or standing is secondary to pain.
  • Deep ache within the joint.
  • Clicking or snapping within the joint.
  • Feelings of instability with walking or running.

Where and When to Start

Physical therapy after an ACL tear is essential to control the initial inflammation and assess function. It can also help improve strength around the joint and overall function. The body is incredibly good at healing when given the proper mobility and strength to support the knee.

Surgical intervention is often the next step after an ACL tear. This may be the best option for athletes who wish to compete at a high level and for sports that involve dynamic movements. It is important to wait a few weeks after the initial injury to determine the extent of your overall function and to allow the leg to become stronger if you decide to undergo surgery.

The physical therapists at Pro Staff are experts in treating all stages of ACL tears and post-surgical repairs. We will help you with every step to return to your normal self.

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