Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab in Harrison, NJ

Have you been struggling to find answers in the healthcare system? Are you looking for a physical therapist to help you recover from a sport-related injury in Harrison, NJ? Look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy at our Kearny location.

Pro Staff Physical Therapy of Kearny, NJ, is located on Bergen Avenue in the heart of Kearny, New Jersey. Right off of I-280, our team of licensed, highly qualified physical therapists works tirelessly to meet patients’ needs.

We believe that all our patients can recover, no matter what the diagnosis or how long their symptoms have been present.

What to Expect at Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab in Harrison, NJAt Pro Staff Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves on making our patients feel comfortable every step of the way. At your first physical therapy appointment, we will listen to your story and understand where you are on your journey back to total health.

Your physical therapist will ask you various questions to investigate your issue further. Then, they will perform a hands-on assessment to determine the source of any strength, mobility, or pain limitations.

You will be moving during this appointment, and we want you to be comfortable, so please dress in loose, comfortable clothing. A pair of shorts would also be helpful if you are dealing with any lower body issues.

Once your assessment is completed, your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan focused on your needs and movement goals.

Physical Therapy Treatments

Physical therapists specialize in various treatments that can help treat pain. The physical therapists at Pro Staff are experts in manual therapy, which encompasses any hands-on treatments that you may need. We also specialize in corrective exercises and neuromuscular re-education. These treatments are focused exercises that you will do in person with the guidance of your therapist to correct any movement imbalance that is causing pain.

We take an individualized approach with all our patients and strive to ensure that you are meeting all your goals. With the combination of hands-on care and movements specific to your needs, you will be back to the things you love in no time.

Common Injuries We Treat Through Sports Rehab

  • Ankle sprains, Achilles injuries, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures.
  • Knee-ligament tears/sprains, muscle strains, bony defects.
  • Hip-labral tears, joint malfunction/degeneration, muscle tears.
  • Shoulder-muscle tears, fractures, joint dysfunction, hypermobility.
  • Back-ligament strains, fractures, degeneration, and muscle strains

Get Started Today

If you are looking for a high-quality sports rehab facility, come check out our Kearny location today. Our team of expert physical therapists is committed to your health and wants you to feel better as soon as possible.

Contact our office at 551-230-0665 to schedule an appointment for any sport-related injury and rehabilitation.