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Dealing with sports-related injuries can be very frustrating. At Pro Staff Physical Therapy, we understand athletes. As most of our therapists are athletes themselves, we pride ourselves on getting athletes back stronger than before. 

Sports Physical Therapy & Rehab in Woodland Park, NJIf you have been looking for sports physical therapy in Woodland Park, NJ, come check out Pro Staff Physical Therapy at our Clifton Location.

This location offers state-of-the-art training equipment and therapists specializing in sports physical therapy and rehab. No matter what type of injury you may struggle to recover from, we can help! 

What Causes Ankle Injuries?

Ankle pain typically results from a specific event or excessive use of a certain tissue over time. The ankle joint can move in various directions, so keeping the ankle strong and stable is essential.

The ligaments that help keep your ankle stable can be overstretched or torn, resulting in pain, swelling, and stiffness. If you have had an ankle injury in the past, there is a much higher chance of it happening again. That is why, even when the initial injury has healed, it is important to strengthen the muscles around the ankle to protect the ligaments from further damage.

The physical therapists at Pro Staff are highly skilled at treating your specific needs. Whether you are a high-performing basketball player or a recreational runner, we can help you get back to feeling stronger than before.

Common Symptoms of Ankle Injuries

  • Pain, swelling, and bruising around the injured ligaments.
  • Difficulty walking or standing due to pain.
  • Decreased balance and instability through the ankle.
  • Decreased mobility in most directions of the ankle.
  • Decreased strength and power with quick movements involving the ankle.

How to Treat Ankle Injuries with Physical Therapy

Ankle injuries are first treated by assessing the tissue involved and the symptoms you are experiencing. Once your physical therapist develops a treatment plan, the first step is usually reducing the swelling and allowing the tissue to heal. This can be improved through manual therapy, compression, and other treatments provided by your physical therapist.

Once the initial healing has occurred, it will be essential to regain your ankle mobility and strength. This will involve specific exercises designed to challenge your ankle muscles.

Your physical therapist will also help you practice specific skills related to your movement needs and goals. This may involve sport-specific balance and power exercises to ensure that your ankle is fully healed. 

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