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Pro Staff Physical Therapy Montclair NJ is located at 49 Claremont St, Montclair, New Jersey. Our team of licensed, highly qualified physical therapists and occupational therapists work tirelessly to meet our patients’ needs.

Here are some of the services that you may receive from a physical therapist or occupational therapist at this location:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the process of restoring a patient’s normal level of function by treating a physical dysfunction or injury. This process often involves the use of therapeutic exercise, manual treatment, and the application of modalities. This is not just for athletes. Physical therapy can also help people recover from debilitating medical episodes, such as strokes. The end-goal of physical therapy treatment is to improve a patient’s physical functionality and mobility while relieving physical pain. Patients work with a physical therapist to develop a fully customized treatment program designed to meet proprietary needs.

Montclair NJ physical therapy

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Occupational Therapy

Our Montclair physical therapy center also offers occupational therapy (OT) services. OT is a diverse field of practice that treats people of all ages who experience physical, mental, and/or developmental disabilities. Occupational therapists work to rehabilitate patients to independently return to their occupations in everyday life. Our OTs will assess and provide client-based treatment plans to minimize or eliminate functional barriers experienced during daily live.

Hand Therapy

Hands are extremely important tools that we use for many activities each day. For some, this strain can cause damage that requires professional treatment. Our team will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help relieve pain and restore functionality to your hands.

Vision Therapy

Our Montclair NJ physical therapy center is the only Pro Staff location that offers vision therapy services. Did you know that 90% of all learning comes from our visual systems? This is because we primarily use our eyes to obtain information about our environment. Experiencing visual difficulties can severely impact one’s quality of life. Vision therapy provides a highly effective non-surgical treatment for common visual problems. Our skilled occupational therapy team will address conditions and develop a personalized treatment plan to help meet your own needs.

Other Physical Therapy Services in Montclair NJ

This physical therapy office also offers other services such as:

AlterG anti gravity treadmill Montlcair NJ

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