Certified Hand Therapy in Nutley, NJ

Have you been looking for a certified hand therapist in Nutley, NJ? Look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We have a great location right in town at our Nutley Location

Certified Hand Therapy in Nutley NJ

Pro Staff Physical Therapy of Nutley, NJ, is located along Allwood Road in Nutley, New Jersey’s vibrant downtown neighborhood. This is not only one of our oldest locations but also where Pro Staff’s corporate headquarters is located.

The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team is an expert in managing hand-related injuries. We treat a wide variety of hand injuries, from sprains to custom orthotics. We strive to help all our patients regain full hand function as quickly as possible.

What Causes Hand Injuries?

Injuries to the hand can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, they may be caused by a specific accident or trauma. Other times, they may be caused by a genetic condition or disease. No matter what caused the injury, it is important to start treating any symptoms you may be having right away. 

Since we use our hands for all aspects of life and work, it can be difficult to find ways to continue functioning the way you want to while rehabbing your hand. Physical and occupational therapy are essential to getting full use out of your hands. 

Strength, mobility, and pain control are the keys to healing one of the body’s most essential parts. We understand how important it is to use your body how you want to. 

How to Treat Hand Injuries with Physical Therapy

Hand injuries are first treated by assessing the tissue involved and the symptoms you have. Once your physical therapist comes up with a treatment plan, the first step is usually reducing the swelling and allowing the tissue to heal. This can be improved through manual therapy, compression, and other treatments provided by your physical therapist. 

Once the initial healing has taken place, it will be important to regain your hands’ mobility and strength. This will involve specific exercises designed to challenge all the muscles that support your hand’s function and dexterity. 

All our services are completed to improve one’s ROM, strength, fine motor skills, sensation, and overall function. Our occupational and physical therapists pair each client’s treatment with education, activity modifications, joint protection techniques, ergonomics, adaptive equipment, and individualized home exercise programs to accelerate one’s function and outcomes.

Your team will also help you practice specific skills related to your movement needs and goals. This may involve delicate motor or grip strength tasks to ensure that your hand is fully healed. 

Get Started Today

The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team has a great location in Nutley, NJ. Our skilled hand therapists will ensure you get the best care possible and understand your injury. 

We hope to meet you wherever you are in your journey to recovery. So please don’t wait any longer. Contact our Nutley location today at 973-360-8220 to book an appointment. 


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