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Do you live in the Brookdale, New Jersey, area and struggle with frozen shoulder? Look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We have two convenient locations in Clifton and Nutley, NJ.

Physical Therapy in Brookdale, New Jersey  Dealing with a frozen shoulder can be very frustrating and impact most areas of life. The physical therapists at Pro Staff Physical Therapy will meet you at whatever stage of healing you are at. We understand that each shoulder has a unique healing time and that you have a life to live. We work with all ages and activity levels, so no matter how limited your shoulder is, we can help fix it quickly and help prevent it from coming back again.

What Causes Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, occurs when the connective tissue within the shoulder joint becomes inflamed. This causes the tissue to become thick and tight, causing restricted shoulder mobility and pain. This type of injury can happen after a prolonged immobilization, such as a fracture or surgery.

Frozen shoulder is typically described in three stages: freezing, frozen, and thawing. Each stage has different symptoms that affect the mobility and function of the shoulder joint. Other risk factors, such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, and cardiovascular dysfunction, can increase the risk of developing frozen shoulder.

Common Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

  • Sharp or dull pain inside and around the shoulder
  • Ongoing decreased range of motion
  • Swelling and stiffness within the affected shoulder
  • Decreased strength secondary to pain

Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Treatment for frozen shoulder will vary based on the shoulder’s healing stage. During the freezing stage, the main goal is to decrease pain and work on range of motion. Once the shoulder has stopped its progression of inflammation, the goal is to start improving your joint mobility. This will involve both manual therapy and exercises targeted at your specific limitations.

Finally, during the thawing stage, you will work with a physical therapist to improve your shoulder’s strength and function. This may involve strengthening the muscles around the joint capsule and working on specific activities you want to return to. The physical therapists at Pro Staff are experts in treating frozen shoulder no matter what the cause and we will help you get back to all your favorite activities.

How long will it take for me to get better?

Every shoulder is different depending on how the capsule became inflamed in the first place. The good news is that the shoulder will return to its normal function in almost all cases. With the help of our team, you will be back to using your shoulder in no time.

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If you are struggling with frozen shoulder and live in the Brookdale, New Jersey, area, come check out the Clifton or Nutley locations of Pro Staff Physical Therapy. Our team of expert therapists is committed to your health and strives to get you back to total health. Contact our Nutley office at 973-661-1207 or our Clifton office at 973-928-3590 to schedule an appointment today.



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