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When your feet hurt, no movement feels good. Pain through the heel or arch of the foot can be caused by something called a bone spur. These can often be painful and cause irritation to several tissues around the foot.

Physical Therapy in Crystal Lakes, NJIf you are looking for help getting back on your feet look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy. The physical therapists are highly skilled in helping treat and prevent any foot-related issues, including bone spurs. Whether your injury is a result of chronic foot pain or an acute overuse injury we can help. We have a convenient location nearby in Oakland, NJ, to help meet all your movement needs. We are committed to helping you regain mobility, improve your pain, and prevent any further issues from reoccurring.

What is a Bone Spur?

Bone spurs are small outgrowths of bone that can form in areas of high impact. Also called osteophytes these can often become painful and problematic for movement as they grow. Bone spurs can be associated with other bony diseases such as osteoarthritis but can also form on their own.

Bone spurs are often found on areas where bony surfaces are experiencing higher impact such as the heel. This type of bone spur can cause issues in the muscle and tendons of the feet causing pain and lack of mobility in some cases.

When working with your physical therapist you will be able identify the specific reason why this bone spur has occurred and learn some preventative strategies for the future.

Common Symptoms of Bone Spurs

  • Heel pain that is tender to the touch.
  • Limited ankle and foot range of motion.
  • Altered walking pattern secondary to pain.
  • Pain when barefoot or standing for an extended period.
  • Pain during the first steps after waking.

How to Treat Bone Spurs

Treating bone spurs first is treated by increasing the mobility of your foot and ankle. By improving the tissue around the bone spur, you will allow your body to work around this new part of you. This is done through a combination of manual therapy, stretching, and bracing.

Your physical therapist will help you decrease your pain and give you specific exercises to improve your mobility. It will also be important to improve your ankle and foot strength. You will be given specific exercises to help work on the deeper muscles of the foot and ankle. This will allow you to be more stable and not cause further compensation during movements.

The physical therapists at Pro Staff will come up with a specific plan that is tailored to your needs. We will also make sure you return to the movements that you love.

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If you live in Crystal Lakes, NJ, and are struggling with foot pain, contact our office at 201-907-1445 to schedule an appointment today. Your feet will thank you.


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