Physical Therapy in Randolph, New Jersey

Did you know that physical therapy can help not only treat but also prevent injuries? Movement is the core of who we are, and being able to do the activities we love is always at the core of physical therapy. The team at Pro Staff Physical Therapy is dedicated to keeping all our patients moving without pain.

Physical Therapy in Randolph, New JerseyIf you live in the Randolph, NJ, area we have a convenient location in Rockaway to help meet any of your movement needs. Whether you are recovering from surgery or want to learn more about preventative strength training, we can help.

How Can Physical Therapy Prevent Injuries?

When it comes to preventing injuries, it is important to think of three things, mobility, strength, and function. As physical therapists we have a vast knowledge of identifying movement limitations and how to address those issues.

Every individual is different when it comes to mobility. Some areas may have too much mobility and some areas might be restricted. Both can cause issues with activity. So having a preventative plan to focus on these deficits is a great tool when working with your physical therapist.

Strengthening the body may seem like an obvious preventative measure for injuries. However, a lot of the weaknesses are usually very subtle, especially if you are already active. When working with a physical therapist you will identify these smaller supporting muscles and ways to help stabilize all the important joints that you use.

Finally, when it comes to function this is any specific movement or repetitive activity you might be doing. Having to help make sure your mechanics are the most optimal can be important in preventing an injury from happening in the first place.

The Pro Staff Team is a valuable resource to help prevent any injuries that may come along with movement. We pride ourselves on working with all levels of movement and love to see our patients succeed without having to treat injuries.

What Do Physical Therapist Treat?

Physical therapists are skilled in several areas of medicine and treat everything from ankle sprains to strokes. Physical therapy is an excellent resource for anyone who does not want to rely on surgery or drugs when treating their injury or condition.

Pro Staff Physical Therapists are trained in several subspecialties and have an extensive knowledge of various conditions. We are not your traditional physical therapy that you might find in the larger hospital setting. You will always be treated as a unique individual. It is our hope to work with you as part of a team to make sure all your goals are being met.

Get Started Today

The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team of Rockaway, NJ, is here to help stay active all year long. So, if you live or work in the Randolph, NJ area, contact our Rockaway office at 973-983-5607 to schedule an appointment today.



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