Our Professional Team


Dr. Carlos A. Ospina, PT, DPT
Director of Physical Therapy

Dr. Carlos A. Ospina, PT, DPT earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from UMDNJ/Rutgers University in 2009.  Since then he has practiced in both outpatient and acute settings.  His background in acute care has given him a comprehensive understanding of rehabilitation for individuals who have undergone orthopedic surgery.  He has had extensive experience treating post-surgical cases including ACL repairs, knee/hip replacements, spine and shoulder surgeries.  He has also worked with individuals that suffer from balance/vestibular conditions.  Carlos is committed to researching all new evidence based treatments and uses this knowledge to provide patients with highly customized care.

Ewelina dragone, PTA
Director of marketing


Dr. richard sommerkorn, PT, DPT
Director of Rockaway

Dr. Richard Sommerkorn earned his doctor of physical therapy degree from Rutgers University in May of 2014. Dr. Sommerkorn received some of his training at the University of Michigan and New Jersey’s own Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, two of the country’s finest teaching institutions for physical therapists. He has extensive experience in treating ACL and shoulder injuries, as well as providing rehabilitation for patients with acute and chronic back pain. While at Rutgers Rich served as a research assistant to several of the faculty, along with presenting research on total hip arthroplasties he and his peers undertook at the national APTA conference.

Dr. samantha sammaro, PT, DPT
Director of nutley- PT

Dr. Samantha Sammaro graduated from Rutgers University, formerly known as UMDNJ, with a doctorate of physical therapy in 2013. She received honors for excellence in clinical performance and participated in various events for Special Olympics NJ.
Dr. Sammaro earned her Bachelor of Science degree studying biology at Felician College. She realized her dream to pursue physical therapy while playing for Felician's Division II soccer and softball teams. Samantha's passion for soccer, softball, and all sports alike carries over into her professional practice. She now specializes in orthopedics, treating all levels from pediatrics to high school athletes and older adults.

Dr. Thomas koc,Jr. PT, DPT


Stephen c. blayney, PT, mSPT


Athena Throckmorton, PT, MSPT

Athena Throckmorton earned her Bachelor of Psychology Degree with a minor in Biology at Kean University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. It was her fascination with the movement of the human body, as a gymnast, and her passion to help others that ignited her desire to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. She then attended UMDNJ and graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy Degree. Since then she has worked in many different settings, treating a wide range of conditions. She is currently specializing in the treatment of all orthopedic conditions in the younger and older adult populations and plans to focus her future continuing education on the treatment of balance and vestibular disorders. She is also interested in developing a wellness program for all individuals that are interested in learning how to improve their posture, strength, flexibility, and overall health.


Dr. Jason martinez, PT, DPT


Dr. Rebecca callahan, PT, DPT


Jaclyn Ann Kopidlowski, MS, OTR/L, CHT Certified hand therapist

Director of Occupational/ Hand Therapy
Co-Founder of Pro Staff Dynamic Hand Therapy

Jaclyn Ann Kopidlowski graduated from Villanova University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Minor in Communication. Jaclyn immediately went on to pursue her passion of becoming an Occupational Therapist (OT). In 2009, Jaclyn graduated from the College of Physician and Surgeons at Columbia University with a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy.

Jaclyn landed her first position at one of the top inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in NJ where she treated various complex orthopedic conditions, amputations, neurological cases and spinal cord injuries. A few years following, Jaclyn proceeded on to fulfill her deepest aspiration to specialize in hand therapy. Jaclyn has spent time in both NJ and NYC practicing in hand therapy with many renowned hand surgeons. Jaclyn exhibits a high level of competence with an exhilarated charisma that has been found to successfully motivate her patients and advance their level of autonomy.

Angela Fennelly, MS, OTR/L


Frank Pavlisko, PT, ATC

Frank graduated from UMDNJ and has been practicing for over 30 years in Outpatient Physical Therapy. He has extensive experience in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine with experience in Acute and Sub-Acute Physical Therapy diagnosis. Frank is committed to providing the most knowledgeable physical therapy services available thru research and education of current Physical Therapy treatments.

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