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Telehealth & Physical Therapy


Telehealth is a future we're using now Pro Staff is taking a number of important measures to help prevent the continued spread of COVID-19, including innovative new telehealth physical therapy sessions for patients. We would also like to reiterate: the most important thing you can do for your health (and everyone around you) [...]

Telehealth & Physical Therapy2020-05-14T18:37:45+00:00

Creating Your Quarantine Routine


It might be a long couple of months. Here are a few ways to stay active. With the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and new state and national restrictions imposed on businesses and residents, your typical workout routine may not be the most pressing matter in your life right now (nor [...]

Creating Your Quarantine Routine2020-05-14T18:38:32+00:00

Recovering from Football Injuries


The season is over, but recovery is just beginning.  While watching last week’s Super Bowl, did you catch the incomplete pass during the 4th quarter that grounded 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo? Or how about when, 4th and 10, Garoppolo takes a sack that ends in a turnover on downs - after which, the Chiefs [...]

Recovering from Football Injuries2020-02-17T15:14:56+00:00

Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution


#NewYearNewMe Roaring in the ‘20s with a new regime? We thought so. Losing weight, changing your diet, and exercising remain the top New Year’s Resolution across age groups, per YouGov. Which might sound like great news, but statistically, an overwhelming majority of resolutions fizzle out by the second weekend in January.  How can [...]

Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution2020-01-27T15:18:28+00:00

Stretching vs Warming Up


Know the difference Prepping your body before hitting the gym or starting the big game is vital to reducing the risk of injury. However, many of us often mistake stretching as a sufficient form of warming up. It is traditionally thought stretching before any strenuous activity reduces the risk of injury, but research [...]

Stretching vs Warming Up2020-01-07T17:59:32+00:00

Training in the Off-Season


Transformational training As an athlete, the most transformative period isn't during competition season, but during the off-season. During this break, you can re-energize and improve your overall performance. When competition season is over, it may be difficult to find the right routine. Follow these tips to ensure you are ready for the incoming [...]

Training in the Off-Season2019-12-23T16:30:02+00:00

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season


Have A Happy, Healthy Holiday!  ‘Tis the season to adhere to holiday recovery and a healthy exercise regime! While this time of year can be joyous with family and friends, dinner invites and holiday parties can add stress to both your schedule and your belt line!  The last thing we want here at [...]

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season2019-11-26T20:37:16+00:00

Lifting Weights With A Herniated Disc


Easy does it  A herniated disc, often called a slipped or bulging disc, is the rupture of an intervertebral disc in your spine. Once it bulges, it presses on your spinal nerves, causing great pain in your back, neck, arms, and/or legs. So, lifting weights on a herniated disc could be a challenge. [...]

Lifting Weights With A Herniated Disc2019-11-26T19:40:49+00:00

Running Outside vs Running on a Treadmill


Why go outside?  In the timeless debate of what is better, running outside or on a treadmill, we know plenty of runners that have strong opinions on both. In the midst of those opinions, understanding the benefits and detriments to both will help you decide where you fall in the great debate. There [...]

Running Outside vs Running on a Treadmill2019-10-29T14:38:23+00:00

Getting the Most out of Your Foam Roller


Optimize your recovery Foam rollers can be an effective device for recovering after a workout. Whether you are a beginner, workout often, or recovering from an injury, they are a quick and affordable option to help loosen your muscles and ease pain. The roller can activate the connective tissue between bones to avoid [...]

Getting the Most out of Your Foam Roller2019-10-14T15:01:43+00:00