Physical Therapy After Shoulder Injury in Montclair, NJ

Shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries in the body and can affect many aspects of function in daily life. If you have been struggling with shoulder pain and need physical therapy in the Montclair area, the team at Pro Staff Physical Therapy is the best place to start.

Physical Therapy After Shoulder Injury in Montclair, NJPro Staff Physical Therapy of Montclair, NJ, is located on the corner of Claremont Avenue and Pine Street in Montclair, New Jersey. Our team of licensed, highly qualified physical therapists and occupational therapists works tirelessly to meet our patients’ needs.

What Causes Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is often caused by damage to the muscle surrounding the joint or the joint itself. Injuries can be caused by a specific event or general wear and tear over time.

Our shoulders are essential for a variety of movements. The main job of the shoulder is to allow the arm to move in all directions, such as reaching overhead to put on a shirt or lifting something from the ground.

Because the shoulder has many joints, muscles, and nerves, keeping it strong and mobile is essential.

Working with a physical therapist, you can identify the specific cause of your shoulder pain and devise exercises to help prevent it from happening again.

Common Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

  • Pain in the front, back, or side of the shoulder.
  • Decreased strength with grip or carrying objects.
  • Decreased range of motion of the shoulder.
  • Pain or numbness going down the arm.
  • Difficulty lying on the injured side.

How to Treat Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is addressed by targeting pain to restore your mobility, restoring the strength of the muscles that may have become weak, and finally improving any functional movements

causing the initial injury. Your physical therapist will help address the underlying symptoms and lack of function with exercise and manual therapy to help improve your symptoms. It will also be important to strengthen the smaller muscles around the shoulder

joint to help stabilize all the critical structures within the shoulder. Your physical therapist will help you understand what is happening first and address your needs.

How long will it take for me to get better?

Your recovery time can be affected by many different factors that are unique to you. Your body’s response to exercises and manual techniques will help us estimate how long it could take for you to regain function.

The extent of your injury will also determine the treatment you need. On average, treatment for patients with shoulder pain will range from six to eight weeks.

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