Physical Therapy After Shoulder Injury in Passaic, NJ

There are many types of shoulder injuries; one of the more common ones is an AC joint sprain or dislocation. Physical therapy is a great place to start when it comes to healing faster from this type of injury.

If you have been looking for shoulder-specific physical therapy in Passaic, NJ, we have a team to help meet all your shoulder needs.

Physical Therapy After Shoulder Injury in Passaic, NJWe specialize in treating any issue you may have with your AC joint, from a sprain to arthritis. We understand how discomforting it is not to be able to fully use your shoulder for the things you love to do.

Our team believes in treating our patients beyond the initial symptoms and addressing the root problem. We hope to help you recover quickly while allowing you to achieve all your future movement goals.

What Causes an AC Joint Sprain?

The acromioclavicular (AC) joint is where the scapula and clavicle meet in the front of the shoulder. This joint is important in allowing you to move through all overhead motions of the shoulder. The scapula and clavicle move as part of the shoulder complex, and if this joint becomes irritated or immobile, it causes pain quickly.

Most AC joint sprains or separations are caused by a traumatic injury to the shoulder, such as a fall or high-impact collision in a sport. Because of the clavicle’s stable nature, it is important to treat this type of injury so as not to increase the chance of arthritic changes in the future. As we age and this joint becomes less mobile and efficient, it can also cause issues within the AC joint.

When working with a physical therapist, you will be able to identify areas of weakness or lack of mobility within the shoulder and how to improve them based on your specific movement goals. We will also help you devise exercises to help prevent it from happening again.

Common Symptoms of an AC Joint Sprain

  • Pain over the top of the shoulder, at the level of the clavicle.
  • Swelling and deformity over the AC joint.
  • Pain with sleeping on the affected side.
  • Decreased strength of the entire upper extremity secondary to pain.
  • Decreased range of motion, especially movements overhead.

How to Treat an AC Joint Sprain

It is important to know the extent of the injured tissue after the initial injury. When an injury to the AC joint occurs, there can be varying degrees of sprain or separation.

After the shoulder’s initial healing process, it will be important to slowly introduce movement back into the joint. This will involve specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around the shoulder as well as manual therapy to improve the mobility of the AC joint and overhead range of motion.

We will collaborate with you to keep your shoulder mobile through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and movement-specific muscle re-education.

The physical therapists at Pro Staff will help you along the way to understand better what is going on in your shoulder and why it is important to heal it properly.

When Can I Return to My Sport?

Your recovery time will vary based on the type of sprain and degree of separation, along with other general health-related factors. Because the shoulder is used for all movements of the upper body, it is essential that you allow it to heal properly.

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