Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Passaic, NJ

The back is one of the most common areas of injury. Almost 80% of people report having back pain at some point in their lifetime.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain in Passaic, NJIf you live in the Passaic, NJ, area and struggle with back pain, you must check out Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We have a convenient location in Passaic to help meet your needs.

The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team believes in treating back pain at the source. We are committed to our patients beyond the initial symptoms and conditions.

The Pro Staff team develops a treatment and care plan based on your movement goals and where you are in the journey to recovery. We will help you recover from your back pain so you can get back to all the important things in your life.

Common Injuries Causing Back Pain

Muscles, joints, and nerves are the three most common areas that can cause low back pain. All three need to work together to keep the back healthy.

Muscular-related back pain can result from everyday activities like shoveling snow or bending too quickly. It can also be caused by something more traumatic, like a fall or a collision. When this happens, the muscles often guard to protect the area that has been strained.

Joint-related back pain can result from various conditions, like arthritis or stenosis. When the joints do not have enough space for the nerves to pass or aren’t mobile enough to allow the muscles to move, this can cause pain and dysfunction.

Nerve-related pain is often a culprit of joint or muscular issues, causing the nerves to not have enough space to move effectively. This can cause problems such as sciatica, where nerves become inflamed and irritated.

Common Symptoms of Back Pain

  • Aching or sharp pain on one or both sides of the lower back.
  • Pain going down the leg.
  • Difficulty walking or standing.
  • Decreased ability to bend or sit.
  • Stiffness throughout the lower back.

How to Treat Back Pain

Back pain is addressed at several levels, from muscular to nerve-related injuries. The first step in treating back pain is to identify the source of the pain. Often, a combination of manual therapy, such as muscle and joint-specific treatments, can help improve pain.

Your physical therapist will also help you understand why this pain occurs based on your specific back injury to help improve your symptoms. The physical therapists at Pro Staff are experts in treating low back pain and will help you get back to your usual self.

Every back is different, so it is important to have a skilled physical therapist evaluate and treat any symptoms you may be having.

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