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Have you been struggling with Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome? Do you live in Woodland Park, NJ? If so, come stop by Pro Staff Physical Therapy to see if we can help. We have a convenient location close to town in Clifton for all your needs.

Physical Therapy in Woodland Park, NJDealing with IT band syndrome is very frustrating and can be hard to do the activities you love. The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team believes in treating not only your symptoms but also getting you stronger to prevent this issue from happening again.

We believe that all our patients can recover no matter what the diagnosis may be or how long their symptoms have been going on.

What Causes IT Band Syndrome?

The IT band is a long band of fascia that extends from the outside of your hip to the outside of your knee. This fascia often becomes tight at either the hip or the knee causing it to become inflamed. IT band syndrome is a very common knee injury and often occurs because of repetitive movements like running or jumping.

This injury can also occur if the muscles around the hip or knee are weak and cannot take the load of the activity that might be causing the pain. With IT band syndrome there can be several areas that may need to be addressed to prevent any future flareups. Your physical therapist will work with you each step of the way to get you back to running as quickly as possible.

Common Symptoms of IT Band Syndrome

  • Aching, dull, or sharp pain at the outside of the knee or hip.
  • Decreased mobility in the knee and hip.
  • Difficulty with running and jumping.
  • Stiffness along the outside of the thigh and tenderness to the touch.

How to Treat IT Band Syndrome

Treating IT band syndrome involves both strengthening the muscles around the IT band and improving the mobility of the IT band itself. During the initial stages of recovery, you will want to avoid any provocative activities that may be causing your symptoms.

Your physical therapist will work on both mobility and strength exercises to improve all of your symptoms. As you progress in strength and mobility it will be important to look at running or jumping form. This not only can improve performance but also prevent any future incidents of IT band syndrome.

The physical therapists at Pro Staff understand your need to move. We want to help you get back to all your favorite activities without any pain. 

When Can I Return to Running?

Every situation is different when it comes to IT band syndrome. Your recovery time will vary based on your unique symptoms. It is our goal to help you recover as fast as possible. Depending on what your physical therapist finds in the initial evaluation will give you a better timeline of healing. The extent of your injury will also determine the amount of treatment you will need.

Get Started Today

The Pro Staff Physical Therapy team is committed to helping you heal your IT band syndrome. We hope to continue to help the community of Woodland Park with any injury that you may have.

If you live or work in the Woodland Park area, contact our Clifton office at 973-784-8772 to schedule an appointment today.


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