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Lateral Elbow Pain

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylalgia is often caused by inflammation at the attachment site outside the elbow (lateral epicondyle). This is one of the most reported injuries to the elbow, affecting millions of athletes each year.

Repetitive movements, weakness in the forearm or shoulder muscles, or stiffness in the elbow joint can cause this injury. Physical therapy can be a great resource in treating your pain and helping you prevent future flare-ups.

What Causes Lateral Epicondylalgia?

Tennis elbow is often caused by overuse and movements that cause extreme use of the wrist. Overuse of the muscles and tendons that attach to the outside of the elbow can cause microtears and strain, leading to inflammation and pain at the attachment site.

Athletes with repetitive movements that involve one-sided movement are at a greater risk of developing tennis elbow. This can include everything from Tennis to basketball.

What are the Associated Symptoms?

  • Grip strength weakness.
  • Numbness and tingling into the 4th/5th digits of the hand.
  • Decreased wrist mobility.
  • Pain with repetitive tasks involving the wrist.
  • Swelling through the lateral aspect of the elbow.
  • Pain with palpation along the back of the forearm.

Treatment for Tennis Elbow

This injury can result from an acute flare-up or a more long-standing injury that persists. Initial treatment of this injury involves decreasing pain, improving the mobility of the muscles around the joint, and allowing the elbow to rest.

As the pain decreases, it is important to begin strengthening the forearm and shoulder muscles to prevent future flare-ups.

As the strength returns and gripping objects become less painful, it is okay to slowly progress back into the previous activities that were causing pain.

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