Stretching has many health benefits for your body as well as your mind. Better posture, improved flexibility, stress relief and feeling better overall can be linked to the simple act of stretching. 

The best part is that stretching can have a positive impact on your quality of life in a number of ways. Whether you want to improve your workout, reduce stress, correct your posture, or get a better night’s sleep, there are many benefits to integrating stretching into your regular routine.

Here are some ways that stretching can benefit you:

Proper Stretching Leads to a Better Workout

A common misconception when it comes to stretching is that you only need to do it before a workout, but it has been proven that it is more beneficial to you when done after a workout. Before you begin exercising, your muscles are cold. This is why people say you should “warm up” by stretching.

However, your muscles need to be warm to stretch effectively. Stretching with warm muscles can help avoid injury. We recommend trying some light cardio before a workout and stretching after to see the difference.

Stretching also increases blood flow throughout our entire body. It is especially important to focus on types of stretches that help maintain and increase your body’s flexibility and range of motion. With a full range of bodily motion, we can do everything in our day-to-day movements more effectively.

Stretching Benefits the Mind

Stretching can provide our brains with a mental break whenever we feel sluggish or that we can’t get through the day without another cup of coffee. Breaking from work to stretch can help us feel rejuvenated, focused, and attentive.

It Leads to Better Posture

Incorrect posture is something that can negatively affect the body daily in many different ways. Low self-confidence, back pain, and a general feeling of discomfort when sitting for long periods of time are all caused by bad posture.

As computers become more ubiquitous in the workplace, we need to be vigilant of our posture. Sitting at a computer hunched over can cause “hunched back” which is where a hump forms at the top of your shoulders. Poor posture while sitting could also cause you to experience back pain.

Stretch to Relieve Stress

Stretching can also be a form of stress relief. It can help you relax for a better night’s sleep with a clearer mind. Whether you’re stretching by yourself for 15 minutes or for an hour in a yoga class, taking the time to do it can be extremely therapeutic and create a positive change in your daily life.

By taking the time out of your day to do something as simple as stretching you will be doing your entire body a favor, both physically and mentally.

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