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As an athlete, the most transformative period isn’t during competition season, but during the off-season. During this break, you can re-energize and improve your overall performance. When competition season is over, it may be difficult to find the right routine. Follow these tips to ensure you are ready for the incoming off-season training sessions. 

Tips for Off-Season Training

Try New Workouts 

The off-season is the perfect time to take advantage of a different workout. Choosing another workout will strengthen other muscles not regularly used. Utilizing in the off-season, this will ultimately make you more fit in-season. If your sport involves running, try weight lifting or a boxing class. 

Set Goals

While it is important to try new workouts, it is equally important to stay focused and set tangible goals. If you are a soccer player, try enhancing your footwork. If you are a runner, try to sprint faster. Actively work towards your goals during the off-season and you will perform significantly better in-season. 

Eat Right 

One of the most crucial factors in off-season training is eating right and staying hydrated. In order to maintain your performance, it is essential to consume an adequate amount of calories. Be sure to track your macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) so that you have enough energy while training. 

Quality Over Quantity 

While you may feel that you need to workout everyday in the off-season, remember that it is better to have a few quality workouts than countless average ones. Incorporating recovery days into your off-season training enhances the productivity of your sessions. Don’t be afraid to take the day off to give your muscles a break. 

In order to improve as an athlete, it is essential to take the right steps during the off-season.  Be sure to take active recovery time, set goals, work new muscles, and have quality workouts. These tips will help you navigate your off-season training and ensure that you are prepared to start a new season. 


Pro Staff’s Physical Therapists have the knowledge and expertise in reducing pain and ensuring you are safe. The at-home tips in this article are meant to remedy mild cases. For persistent or recurring issues, make an appointment with one of our experienced PTs at a location near you.  

DISCLAIMER: This post is not meant to diagnose, treat, or rehab any patient. For official advice, schedule an appointment with us to further discuss treatment.

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