Project Description

Hand Therapy Week aims to educate the public about the vital role that hand therapy plays in enhancing the quality of life for those suffering from hand-related injuries or conditions. As experts in the field of occupational therapy and certified hand therapy, our practice provides exceptional care to patients with hand-related concerns, and we are excited to contribute to this national initiative.

We are thrilled to celebrate this special time dedicated to recognizing the remarkable work of hand therapists and raising awareness about the importance of hand rehabilitation. At Pro Staff, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the incredible impact hand therapy can have on individuals’ lives.

Hand Therapy

Hands are an essential part of the body that many of us rely on for work, performing daily tasks, and living a generally comfortable quality of life. After suffering an injury, a physical dysfunction may occur in the hands. Pro Staff hand therapists will work with you to develop a completely customized treatment plan. Through a proprietary set of exercises designed to treat your specific condition, the goal is to replace the dysfunction with functional movement to help you rehab to better health.

Complimentary Hand Therapy Screening

During Hand Therapy Week, we are offering complimentary hand screenings to individuals of all ages.

Whether it’s addressing chronic hand pain, recovering from an injury, managing a condition like arthritis, or simply seeking to optimize hand performance, our team is here to support individuals in their hand health journey.

The CHTs at Pro Staff treat a number of diagnoses and conditions that affect the hands and upper extremities. Whether you have been diagnosed with nerve compression, arthritis, or you are looking for post-surgical physical therapy from a recent fracture or laceration repair, our skilled CHTs provide only the highest level of one-on-one care to help you achieve successful results.

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