Vestibular and Balance Therapy New Jersey


Vestibular and Balance Therapy New Jersey Do you struggle with vertigo or balance issues? Look no further than the physical therapists at Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We believe in treating all our patients with individualized and personal care. We understand that vertigo and balance issues can be scary and affect all aspects of your [...]

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Sports Rehabilitation NJ


Sports Rehabilitation NJ Injuries in sports happen all the time. No matter what level or sport you are bound to have an injury at some point in your career. Physical therapists are the best place to start on your journey to both rehabilitating and preventing injuries. The team at Pro Staff Physical Therapy are [...]

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Sports Physical Therapy NJ


Sports Physical Therapy NJ Sports physical therapy helps athletes recover from an injury. Whether you are part of a team or an individual competitor, this process can be both physically and mentally challenging. Athletes often base a large part of their personal identities on their skill and competitiveness on the field, on the court, [...]

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Physical Therapy Near Me


Physical Therapy Near Me Have you been struggling to find answers in the healthcare system? Are you looking for a physical therapist in New Jersey? Look no further than Pro Staff Physical Therapy. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality care for all our patients. Latin American young woman stretching her legs [...]

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Occupational Therapy NJ


Occupational Therapy NJ Occupational Therapy (OT) is a diverse field of practice that services individuals of all ages who are experiencing physical, mental, and/or developmental disabilities. An Occupational Therapist (OT) works to rehabilitate patients to independently return to their occupations of everyday life. OTs assess and provide client-based treatment to minimize or eliminate functional [...]

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Neurokinetic Therapy NJ


Neurokinetic Therapy NJ Neurokinetic therapy is an assessment technique used by a physical therapist to find the root cause of a patient’s complaint. It is an application of Motor Control Theory, neuroscience, and functional anatomy (neuro-biomechanics). This helps a physical therapist help find faulty movement patterns in the brain’s motor control center. The team [...]

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Hand Physical Therapy NJ


Hand Physical Therapy NJ Hands are an essential part of the body that many of us rely on for work, performing daily tasks, and living a comfortable quality of life. After suffering an injury to your hand, it is important to have the right team behind you to get back full function. The team [...]

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Functional Capacity Evaluations in NJ


Functional Capacity Evaluations in NJ Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are used by therapists to determine overall patient ability and project what level of recovery they will be able to achieve in the future. The FCE process incorporates perceived levels of function, actual abilities, and examining aspects such as effort, competitive test performance, and cross-referencing [...]

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Spine Physical Therapy NJ


Spine Physical Therapy NJ The spine is one of the most essential structures of the body. It houses our nervous system, has several joints that allow us to move, and is one of the most injured areas of the body. Spine pain can cause problems with all aspects of life, from work to sleep. [...]

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Shoulder Physical Therapy NJ


Shoulder Physical Therapy NJ Shoulder pain is one of the most common injuries in the body and can be challenging to recover from without the proper team. Shoulders are very dynamic parts of the body and allow for various motions. When they are injured, it can be tough to do most functional tasks in [...]

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